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Dianbolic 25

Dianbolic 25


Dianabol is the brand name for methandienone, and it is considered a cost-effective drug for bulking cycles. Generally, the steroid is used orally to boost protein development, and it also helps to increase several important amino acids that assist the muscle regeneration process and muscular development.

Dianbolic 25™ is a well-known mass-gaining agent and is our most popular muscle growth enhancement supplement. Known literally as the “King of Mass”.

Dianbolic 25™ was formulated with bulking and strength gains in mind, not the leaner more chiselled look. This targeted mass supplement will not cause water retention and bloating like other inferior products. Generating muscle pumps and helping drive blood into the muscles, this primarily designed mass agent will also help increase vascularity during weight lifting sessions.

If size and strength are what you’re after this product will help elevate the building blocks of muscle accumulation. Scientifically engineered to improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, muscle and strength gains should come fast.

Dianbolic 25™ was designed to help:

    Help Provide Muscle Pumps
    Generate Sold, High Quality Muscle Tissue
    Employing a Fast-Acting Mass Formulation  
    Improving Nitrogen Retention and Protein Synthesis
    Aid Muscle Repair and Growth
    Enhance Overall Strength

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