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        The packages are being sent from USA, Europe by regular airmail.
       The package is flown to your country and then transported to the address via   overland transport.
       We do local shipping and international shipping.
       After the payment has been confirmed, by any of our payment options used, the orders will be processed shipped within 1–3 days for local shipment and 3-5 days international.
       You will be contacted by email once the package has been shipped, indicating an estimated arrival date. This will also be shown in your order history section of the website.
       The billing and shipping addresses you provide may differ.
       Your mailing address must be valid and accessible for a minimum of 30 days.
       If you wish to divide an order and send it to several addresses, you must create separate orders and fill in the addresses required. However, in this case, you will only have to pay the shipping price once.

       The estimated delivery date shown in your order history is used to calculate the overall delay of your shipment.
       If a parcel is more than 15 days late, you should report it to us. However, minor delays are considered normal due to the mail service's instability.
       We regret to notify you that technical issues may result in shipment delays. However, this should not cause you concern or disappointment. If an order is held up in our warehouse for more than 7 days, please submit a support ticket and request compensation, otherwise, we can offer to credit your account against future purchases in such cases.

       Because products are stored in various warehouses around the world, we split orders into as many shipments as needed; thus, shipping dates may vary by up to 24-48 hours from package to package.
       You may receive multiple separate packages for your overall order. Therefore, each time you receive a package, log in to the site, access your order history, and enter the received number of items in the field next to each product from that package, then click accept. In this way, you are alerting us that the package has been received.


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