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Female Intermediate Steroids Cycle

Female Intermediate Steroids Cycle


Best Skis For Intermediate Female Skier

Female Intermediate

Cycle Introduction

The Female intermediate steroid cycle is used as a second step for women who are looking to go further beyond the novice cycle. The women would have tried the beginner’s cycle and must already have experience with the cycles before going on to intermediate cycles. This cycle can be used for both cutting and bulking, but it has been more frequently employed for cutting cycles in women.

Guidelines & Recommendations

For the Female Intermediate Women are not given testosterone to be used during these cycles. This is because testosterone can cause unwanted effects in women’s bodies like male-pattern baldness, growth of body hair, deepening of the voice, enlarged clitoris, etc. Hence, normally, women are not signed up for taking in testosterone, but in some exceptional cases, women might be given testosterone to use. Most of the women, however, go with steroids that have lowest androgenic effects. best skis for intermediate female skier.


Female Intermediate Cycle Recommended Course

12iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
22iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
32iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
42iu Every Day25mg 3 x A Week10mg Every Day
52iu Every Day25mg 3 x A Week 
62iu Every Day25mg 3 x A Week 
72iu Every Day25mg 3 x A Week 
82iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
92iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
102iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
112iu Every Day 10mg Every Day
122iu Every Day 10mg Every Day

Breakdown Of Products Included

It is recommended that you don’t use Anavar and Masteron drugs at the same time because doing this may cause certain androgenic effects, but most women can handle this and continue to use such drugs.

HCG Note: Women will not have to wrap their heads with worry over HCG as this is given to males for better functioning of testicles. Hence, women will not have to take these drugs during their cycles.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Note: This is again a post cycle therapy for men to keep their testicular functioning updated and hence, will not be something women will have to go through. Women can easily skip this step without worrying.

Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s) Note: These inhibitors are usually taken by males to reduce the effect of estrogen on their bodies. Estrogen is the dominating female hormone, so, women will not have to be concerned about its side effects. Hence, they do not need to take these drugs.

Anavar and Masteron – When comparing anabolic steroids, Masteron has milder effects on women’s bodies than Primobolan. It comes equal to Anavar. Masteron also is less threatening when it comes to virilization and androgenic effects. It does not produce much of those effects. If you choose to use Masteron, you will notice an increase in strength and hardness while keeping it lean. This drug puts on muscle mass and gives you a lean look without actually causing you to bulk up.

HGH is just a supplemental and an alternative. You do not have to take it necessarily. The cycle will give immense benefit even without it, but if you decide to take HGH, the benefits will multiply manifolds.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Above all, when taking steroid stacks like this it is down to you as the user to monitor your well being and be smart with your body! Get clued up more here.

Female Intermediate Cycle

The package can be very beneficial in helping women through cutting and even bulking cycles. Many women have used this frequently and report back with utmost satisfaction. Anabolic steroids are helpful with shaping your body according to your needs and wants.

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