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Testolone Rad-140

Testolone Rad-140


If your goal is to build lean muscle as fast as possible with minimum side effects, then you need to get up to speed on Testolone RAD 140! This experimental SARM has become extremely popular in recent years but most people are in the dark about what it is, what it does and how to take it.

In this article, I’ll review exactly what you need to know about Testolone RAD 140. As someone who’s been in the bodybuilding world for over 40 years, I’ve been on top of the SARMs industry since it first emerged and have extensive knowledge and experience with this topic.


Benefits of Testolone

Testolone primarily increases lean muscle tissue by enhancing testosterone and human growth hormone as well as boosting other anabolic effects following intense weight training. It may also be able to increase training energy, endurance, and speed while working out.

Testolone is considered to be one of the best SARMs for muscle-building effects but it has also been shown to be effective in fat burning as well.

An initial study conducted on monkeys showed that the administration of Testolone increased their body weight by 10 percent after 28 days of use. Another similar study showed that the negative effects on the prostate and seminal vesicles were significantly reduced by taking Testolone along with synthetic testosterone.

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